We need your support to continue.

The Rosenwald Park Campaign has a dedicated, volunteer Board of Directors who are working to ensure that Julius Rosenwald’s life and legacy are remembered and honored. We are conducting historic site visits, corresponding with members of Congress, and raising funds to support the dream of a Julius Rosenwald & Rosenwald Schools National Historical Park.

But we need your support. Your donations will help us continue to advocate for and support the process of establishing at National Historical Park.

Until we have finalized our status as a 501(c) (3) organization, The National Parks Conservation Association is accepting donations to the Campaign on a pro bono basis.

Donation checks made out to “NPCA Rosenwald Park Campaign” may be sent to:

National Parks Conservation Association
777 6th St. NW · Suite 700 · Washington, DC 20001

Thank you for your support of the Rosenwald Park Campaign!

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